Startup Management

The startup management is a daily destination where our new clients, often new entreprenuers, learn about managing, growing and scaling startups, almost like an virtual open university. 

We provide curated content focused on management, strategy, organizational and marketing topics, including business models, revenue models and go-to-market approaches. We support our clients to create and manage processes and controls.

Our goal is to save client's time, helping to reduce risks of failures, and increase chances of success! 

What does it mean?

By assuming an important role in supporting CEOs or General Managers, or take the specific role in the Company, we provide: 

  • Startup Counselling Services: we make expertise available, provide advice, evaluate and draw up plans, establish contacts, and we support in making strategic policy decisions. We monitor to keep oversight and make the priorities known. We advise on an optimal route, will prevent stagnations and disruptions and deliver startup smart action plans. In startup counselling, consider us an advisory service that assumes the role of an added project manager, since we do not make decisions but create insight and overview.  
  • Startup Management Services:  we provide temporary directors and managers who can provide guidance to startups through their specific knowledge and experience. Assignments of 3 to 12 months and over, by over-qualified doers who work task-oriented and systematically to set up the startup organization and to achieve the startup objectives. Interim and temporary management is an excellent solution for startups, by doing i.e. the below general activities:
       - feasibility study and project management
       - creation of Canvas Plan
       - developing of business model’s processes
       - defining control policies & procedures
  • Startup Operation Consulting:  focused on the result, execute certain tasks of a startup business, part-time for a longer period or intensive (almost) full-time over a short period. These unique tasks - advice and/or implementation proceedings - are described in outline and are accompanied by measurable goals. This usually concerns activities that cannot yet be taken up or carried out by appointed managers and staff but are still of great importance. Operations consulting has, to a large extent, the character of deal-making
  • Startup accounting services: we provide as financial/accounting experts, co-determining the framework, supporting, guiding and coordinating, among other things, the following startup finance and accounting aspects, including:
       - accounting and control system implementation
       - financial planning and budgets  
       - financial policies and procedures
       - tax compliance including export & import tax
       - bookkeeping & payrolling (outsourced)
       - financial forecasts /projections and cash flow management
       - financial audits (support or execute) or audit support and preparation